Hand Beaded Large Dangle Earring Sets

$ 45.00

These are some of our Handmade beaded earrings...light weight, beautiful in design and all unique.  They are attached to sterling silver hooks and take on many colors with the use of Miyuki Delica beads. Top of hook to bottom of beads is about 4 to 5".

1. This stunning set is about 5" from top of hook to bottom bead. It has a mix of matte black, red and white beads along with iridescent turquoise and red topped off with metallic gold.

2. This set is about 4.5" from top of hook to bottom bead. It has iridescent white, copper, burgundy, and turquoise beads with matte black mixed in.

3. This set is sure to catch attention with its full iridescent color mix of white, copper, gun metal grey with metallic turquoise. Overall from top of hook to bottom bead is about 4.5".

4.  This set takes a new turn with a metallic green/turquoise base color accented with burgundy, silver, black, and light gray.  It measures about 4.5" from top hook to bottom bead.

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