Handmade Bandanas (Miyuki Beads and Swarovski Accents)

$ 130.00

One of a Kinds! From start to finish these are all hand created and NEVER 2 the same! 

These pieces are like no other!!

We start with random fabrics we believe will make beautiful bandanas from many local small businesses. Each is cut and sewn to size, then 100 or more Swarovski crystals are hand set and heat pressed into place for security. The beadwork is also in house made by hand with Miyuki Delica beads.  The bead section is then hand stitched to the bandana.  The pictures are not even close to how beautiful they are when the light hits. You WILL stand out and NEVER see another one the same!

1. This is just an amazing eye catching piece.  It is a tie style about 3" wide.  It is splatter turquoise, blue, and white and the 3 different color crystals span over 13".  The HD beaded piece is 6" long x 1 1/8" wide.  The beads are full of shine with blue, black and metallic gold beads.

2. This goes to our purple color lovers.  It is an elastic fit style with beautiful swirls of dark and light purple.  It is about 3.25" wide with clear and purple crystals that complete the wrap.  The beadwork is 7.25" long x 1 1/8" wide.  The beads mix is white, silver, light purple and a dark purple/blue iridescent. 

3. This turquoise watercolor tie style bandana is about 3" wide. The 2 color crystals are mixed in with an anodized red metal accents and span 13".  The beadwork has a hint of western with its traditional colors of brown, turquoise, white, red and gold.  It measures 6" x 1.5".

4. This next version of the turquoise watercolor  tie bandana is also about 3" wide but it has 3 color crystals that span 12.5".  The 5 Czech bead hand created medallions span about 4" long x .75" wide and have a crystal center.

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