Horseshoe Nail Earring/Pendant Sets

$ 50.00

Our 'never 2 the same' pieces of beautiful art you can wear!  No Box Store Items!

Horse lovers can have a lot of fun with all of our 1 ONLY designs using real horse shoe nails that we bend, twist, and accent ourselves! 

1.  This is a semi traditional set with an accented mix of leather, wire, and wood beads.  The leather is a neutral tan/buckskin color, bronze stainless steel wire wrap and med tan wood beads on the earrings and the pendant uses the same in addition to silver stainless steel wire, a matching real feather and silver stainless steel chain.  The earrings measure about 2.5" in overall length from the top of the stainless steel hoop to the end of the nail and the pendant hangs on an overall leather and chain length of about 18"

2.There is a lot going on with fun mix of horse shoe nails, leather wrap, hand beaded wrap and hand cut leather feathers.  The red leathers on each piece are brought to life with the bright white contrasting color.  The earrings are about 2.5" in overall length and the pendant has a length of about 16".

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