Leather Stain Feather Earring Sets

$ 25.00

Our 'never 2 the same' pieces of beautiful art you can wear! The leather is hand cut and all accents (wiring, chains, beads, etc) are each done by hand and never duplicated.  The hoop clasps are stainless steel. These measure about 4.5" total from top of clasp to tip of feather.

1.  This tan base feather has a center stitch and brown stained tips.  An added chicken feather and brown stone rock finish it off.

2. Some of my favorite color mixes...tan base, center stitch, turquoise stain along with tan and turquoise glass beads.

3. Classic grey with center stitch, silver metallic stain with added silver chain, clear square and gloss grey glass beads. 

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